What I’m Doing Now

*Last Updated July, 2021

1. I am working with USAA to scale programs on Design Thinking.

2. I am trying to further Indian home cooking in America by launching mumbaispicecompany.com

3. I call Portland, Oregon home. I work remote and I try to get outside as much as I can with my wonderful partner.

Sometimes I cook virtual cooking classes

4. I am a partner at Staircase Strategy – An innovation consulting firm.

5. In my free time I tinker on this 02 Porsche 911.

6. I have been training in Pragmatic frameworks. I am continuing to grow my knowledge base in product management, entrepreneurship and organizational behavior changes.

7. I took a leap with Evan Maeda of MaedaWIP to launch an online selvedge jean boutique called Firstmealco.com

A longer backstory

My name is Naveen, it’s nice to e-meet you. My background is in product design, brand strategy, and facilitation. I specialize in using user-centered design to solve problems.

I have helped reinvent 100+-year-old tech companies. Used design-thinking to win millions of dollars in new sales. Redefined the experience of digital home buying. Helped navigate the confusing world of emerging technologies. Started a backpack company and even scaled a small-town Midwestern bakery into a household name. All of this work accomplished due to my understanding that there is a human on the receiving end of each and every decision I make.

I have spoken at conferences like Sweden’s SXSW about seemingly wild concepts. Consistently I explain things in cooking metaphors and occasionally I sing. Above all, I believe my life’s purpose is to seek out and help solve the problems of yesteryear, today and the future.

If you are looking to hire a smart person, drink a coffee, or just need someone to talk to, please reach out. I’m open to external projects that work with people who have good ideas and a track record of executing. If that is you, shoot me a message at hi@naveensraja.com.

A lil‘ bit of social capital